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The way we listen to music has changed in ways people couldn’t have imagined 50 years ago. Back then they had to shuffle through stacks of often-scratched records to find their favorite songs – or hope that a radio DJ would decide to play them every once in a while.

Since those days we’ve gone through the cassette deck and the Walkman, enormous boom boxes and small MP3 players. Not too long ago, it was impossible to see anyone out in public without an iPod (and obviously, they were sure to have iTunes on their home computer as well). Today, we all just carry our music around with us on our phones, but there’s still one big problem: how do you download songs and listen to your favorite music for free?

Sure, there are many services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music to choose from, and bootleg download sites aren’t hard to find. But sooner or later you’re going to end up paying for your music because your free time runs out, because you want to get rid of the commercials, or because you’ve downloaded a virus along with your music. There’s got to be a better solution for finding mp3 songs without pulling out the credit card.

Meet, the new answer. You can download songs from just about any artist, and in any musical genre, for free. From hip-hop, rap and electronic dance music, to country, classic rock and classical music…from Rihanna and Drake, to Kings of Leon and The Neighborhood…even artists as diverse as Bob Marley, Luke Bryan, blink-182 and the world’s finest symphony orchestras playing Bach and Mozart. They’re all available at – for free.

Many sites promising to give you free mp3 downloads or streaming music aren’t everything they first seem to be. You only get a certain number of hours per month, you’re bombarded with ads, there are hidden charges you don’t know about until after you’ve signed up and tried to download songs, or the music is blocked depending on your location or device.

That’s not the way that works; the entire site is yours. New releases, classic albums and musica online, all updated daily, are available for unlimited download or streaming on any device whenever you want, with no registration required. You can even create a free account to save your music to playlists that you can listen to with one click – or you can check out other people’s playlists to discover new music that people all over the world are listening to. It’s all unblocked, and it’s all completely free.

We’ve all wasted hours searching the Internet for legitimate sites where we can download the latest mp3 songs, and we all know how frustrating that can be. And we’ve all spent time trying to listen to the well-known music streaming sites only to discover that their playlists, and the songs they “suggest” for us, usually suck. has been built for users, not music companies trying to make money. It’s simple to navigate and free to use. And it’s the easiest way to download songs, listen to cool streaming music, and save online playlists. Whether you love the latest beats or are a devotee of classical music, is your new home for online music.

Our unblocked music lets you listen anywhere, even at school

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