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The way we listen to music has changed in ways people couldn’t have imagined 50 years ago. Back then they had to shuffle through stacks of often-scratched records to find their favorite songs – or hope that a radio DJ would decide to play them every once in a while.

Since those days we’ve gone through the cassette deck and the Walkman, enormous boom boxes and small MP3 players. Not too long ago, it was impossible to see anyone out in public without an iPod (and obviously, they were sure to have iTunes on their home computer as well). Today, we all just carry our music around with us on our phones, but there’s still one big problem: how do you download songs and listen to your favorite music for free?

Sure, there are many services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music to choose from, and bootleg download sites aren’t hard to find. But sooner or later you’re going to end up paying for your music because your free time runs out, because you want to get rid of the commercials, or because you’ve downloaded a virus along with your music. There’s got to be a better solution for finding

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without pulling out the credit card.

Meet, the new answer. You can

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Many sites promising to give you free mp3 downloads or streaming music aren’t everything they first seem to be. You only get a certain number of hours per month, you’re bombarded with ads, there are hidden charges you don’t know about until after you’ve signed up and tried to download songs, or the music is blocked depending on your location or device.

That’s not the way that works; the entire site is yours. New releases, classic albums and musica online, all updated daily, are available for unlimited download or streaming on any device whenever you want, with no registration required. You can even create a free account to save your music to playlists that you can listen to with one click – or you can check out other people’s playlists to discover new music that people all over the world are listening to. It’s all unblocked, and it’s all completely free.

We’ve all wasted hours searching the Internet for legitimate sites where we can download the latest mp3 songs, and we all know how frustrating that can be. And we’ve all spent time trying to listen to the well-known music streaming sites only to discover that their playlists, and the songsthey “suggest” for us, usually suck. has been built for users, not music companies trying to make money. It’s simple to navigate and free to use. And it’s the easiest way to download songs, listen to cool streaming music, and save online playlists. Whether you love the latest beats or are a devotee of classical music, is your new home for online music.


Explore the Magic of Music written by: Cate Greff There is not a single soul in the world that does not appreciate music. From the young to the elderly, everyone knows the sound of music. It could be the sound of beats from a drum, a high pitched solo performance or random tunes conveying a message. National anthems are musical pieces that define the values of a country and citizens remind themselves to uphold these values each time they sing the national anthem, for instance on public holidays. Music equalizes a teenager who is trying to fit in with the cool crowd, a young adult holding on to the younger years or elderly parents reminiscing about the good old days. We cannot deny the role music plays in everyday life. We hear music beats everywhere; in a nightclub, gymnasium, grocery stores, your favorite coffee shop or just walking up and down the street. Devotion to music has been passed down from previous generations, and as music continues to evolve, we adapt to more refined tools to make the experience more personal. We can control and manipulate music right from our fingertips without interfering with the person next to us. Why do we need music? People use the sound of music to uplift their mood, to ward off boredom, drown out noise while working, to calm down after a long day, or as entertainment as they navigate the rush hour traffic. Other people tap into music for a spiritual connection that yields inspiration for the task at hand. Good music exudes magic.

As a habit, some people tend to listen to a particular genre of music while a more adventurous crowd will change channels several times in search of that perfect tune that fulfills them. Modern technology allows us to bring our favorite music everywhere be it on a plane, train or motor vehicle and listen to it directly by use of earphones. When it comes to mobility, mobile phones are the most portable and convenient gadgets to use to access your favorite music. Cellular phones come with numerous applications "apps" that allow the user to select music from online databases such as Musica Online.

Types of music
There are different music genres available today to suit the ever-changing needs of listeners. There are broad categories of music available depending on geographical origin, culture, instruments, dance styles, and beats. These music categories are further broken down into sub-categories. While most music lovers are privy to the broad categories of music available, only ardent music lovers can recognize the sub-categories therein. Some of these genres are described below with examples of their respective sub-categories:

• Classical music- This is a more sophisticated type of music that incorporates musical instruments such as the Violin. It is very popular in Europe. Examples are Symphony and Opera.

• Punk- This is a type of rock music, but it has short songs that are mostly political. Examples are Celtic and Gypsy Punk.

• Country- this genre hails from the Southern rural regions of the US, and it was famous among cowboys. Examples are Honky Tonk, Blue Grass Music, Country Rock, etc.

• Latin- this is a very popular genre originating from Latin America. People in different parts of the world pay for dance classes to learn the Tango and Salsa.

• Popular- this music conveys the taste of the urban middle class as seen in the 1800s but it continues to evolve even today.

• Reggae- This music originated from Jamaica and boasts of a cult following of fans who refer to themselves as Rastafarians. Examples include Dub Poetry, Conscious Dancehall, Roots, etc.

• Electronica- this music uses electronics as opposed to acoustic instruments. It may seem like a new type of music in nightclubs, but it dates back to 1942. Examples are Break, Intelligent Dance Music, Trance music, etc.

• Jazz- This type of music dates back to African- American communities in the South of the US. It incorporates both European and African music. Examples are Fusion Jazz music and New Orleans Jazz.

• Metal- This genre uses loud bass drums and electric guitars. It is used to relay controversial messages to the audience. Examples are Funk Metal, Hardcore Metal, Thrash Metal, etc.

• Music genres can be very political with different cultures holding on to their music in a bid to preserve it from distortion by outsiders. Case in point, hip hop music. This genre came from the African-American community in the US who use it as a sense of identity and to relay messages of their struggles on the economic and political front. Another example is Reggae music. Fans adorn a hair style famously known as dreadlocks.

Why the need for music genres?
People who do not understand the different music styles have wondered about this once or twice. Making a clear distinction of music has its relevance to the industry for various reasons. For one, it helps artists understand their audience and therefore tailor their performances to fulfill the needs of that particular audience. This information will further determine performance venues, set decoration and the attire the artists and his band wear. Having a particular genre of music helps artists to develop robust marketing strategies that they can present to radio stations, concert promoters and fans online. A great artist can influence fans to buy his music and related merchandise if they relate to his music genre. This idea plays on idol worship where fans will do anything to feel close to their favorite artist. An artist can make or break their career with the choice of music they pursue. Settling for a particular genre helps the artists and his management team know which music labels to approach for a contact. Some labels will only sign artists of one genre while bigger and more established record companies can work with different styles. Artists should be careful when deciding on a type of music, as it becomes their identity to the fans and consequently, may affect their earnings down the road.

Mp3 versus Mp4 songs
A single track or song can have both Mp3 and Mp4 formats. The difference is the format used to store the media files. Mp3 is an audio-specific format where songs have been compressed to audio to enable storage and transfer over the internet. Mp3 songs are popular on the web due to their great compression. Mp4 format can store both audio and video files on your computer by combining different multimedia songs into one file.

Functionalities of this website
This music site has amassed millions of mp3 songs across all genres of music giving you a one-stop shop for top quality music. You do not have to search the web looking for complete albums of your favorite artists from back in the �80s or the hottest track of the moment. We have done the work for you. We have arranged tracks according to their genre, artists, albums, year for easy navigation by users. We have gone a step further to enhance the user experience by using attractive icons that guide the user while searching for songs. A concept borrowed from your favorite search engine. The user does not need to know the exact title of the song; our search engine will provide relevant suggestions for you to consider. Some of the key functionalities of this website are as follows:

i. Listen to Online radio- our users will have access to multiple radio frequencies from around the world streaming music in real time. Users can tune in and keep up with the latest music from different parts of the world. This function is helpful for people in the Diaspora as they have unprecedented access to their local music with familiar tunes and native language.

ii. Get lyrics of songs- this website provides the official version of lyrics for each track regardless of its origin. Users can use words to learn some of their favorite songs for amusement or for singing competitions or a chance to shine at their local Karaoke joint.

iii. Create and update playlists- registered users can create an unlimited number of playlists and sort using any criteria such as artist, era, genre, etc. You can go further and rank the songs from most favorite to the least favorite. Users will have full access to their playlists each time they log on the website. Whether listening directly from your laptop or connecting to external speakers via Bluetooth, the sound is always clear. Note, each user will have their access code and therefore, nobody can tamper with your playlist once you set it up.

iv. Download and buy tracks- this website allows users to download songs to their computers or phones and even purchase newly released music without having to wait in long queues to buy an album. Besides the obvious convenience of shopping from the comfort of your desk, we also guarantee access to the best quality mp3 songs. Users are free to use any mode of internationally accepted electronic payments without fear of fraud. Standard security checks will apply while paying for songs on this website.

Pros and cons of live streaming music
This website allows you to stream music as well as download songs. Both options have their pros and cons.
a) Cloud backup- Streaming music is much more efficient as each song is backed up in the cloud. You can build a catalog of your favorite music that only you can access.

b) Interact with other users- Another advantage of streaming music on websites like Musica Online is that users get to interact with one another in a chat room. Users can see what their counterparts are listening to and even ask for advice before trying new songs. You can exchange playlists and share views on your preferred type of music. Users can also get updates on the latest songs hitting the airwaves and read hilarious reviews from your peers. Interacting with fellow music gurus can open your mind to new musical genres that you would not have tried on your own.

c) Feedback on demo records- Upcoming artists can use these chat rooms to get immediate feedback on demo records or newly released tracks like a mini-focus group. They can decide to incorporate useful suggestions into their album before releasing it to the mass market.

d) Free subscriptions- users only need an Internet connection to access the music. You do not have to worry about monthly subscriptions on top of the general utility bills in the house. This option works well with students on a budget as they get to save money and use free internet provided by their institution.

Disadvantages of streaming music
a) Requires the internet- Live streaming is that it requires a constant internet connection which may not be forthcoming to users in the developing world. Such users would have to rely on purchasing data bundles on their modems or mobile phones which can be very expensive.

b) Updated music- technology has brought efficiency in the way we receive and convey information. Avid listeners of music demand to get the latest tracks the same day the record is released without waiting to be updated by the early birds through social media. Sometimes music streaming sites delay in getting the most updated music, and this can put off users.

c) Users do not own the music- live streaming only gives you access to the music you select then it is backed up in the cloud. On the other hand, downloaded tracks remain in your custody for as long as you wish.

Music is a form of entertainment that transcends different cultures, creed, economic status and other divisions that dictate how human beings interact. Music is a universal language that connects us in adversity and brings us together for a common purpose. This entertainment provides an escape from the demands of our everyday lives even if for just a little while. We listen to music to relax, celebrate achievements, learn about other cultures and to keep updated with happenings around the world. Modern technology has presented us with a myriad of choices that we can use to access music at any given time. Music websites like

Musica Online

are sort after by users looking for a wide variety of mp3 songs for their library. If you are looking to upgrade your musical prowess, register to join our growing community of music enthusiasts and share your journey.

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